Construction and Mine Dewatering

Mine Dewatering

Almost every mine encounters some degree of water problems, and controlling or getting rid of them requires far more skill, and equipment, than most people know or understand. With so much at stake miners require this skill and quick action in order to be sure their profits are not swept away

Whether it is part of your regular maintenance, flooding or colapsing R&R has the tools to assist. With locations and staff spread across Canada we can ensure quick arrival and expert service.

Construction dewatering

Dewatering is used in numerous locations to remove groundwater or surface water for construction sites. Some of the areas that can require dewatering are:

  • Trenches
  • Areas with inadequate slopes
  • Excavation sites
  • High water table areas

Removing this water allows a safe work environment as well as to prevent soil erosion.

R&R uses the latest, safest methods of removing construction site water to allow the site to be able to get back to work on time and on budget.